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I am a graduate student in media. Welcom to my blog!☺️

The Covid-19 pandemic not only seriously affects the world economy, but also significantly threatens the higher education sector. Covid-19 fears are putting off Chinese students from UK and those who study in the UK faces various problems such as feeling isolated, visa issue, and struggling with E-learning.

Recently, I talked to three Chinese students who are studying in the UK. From the interviews, I learnt that Chinese international students are struggling with the COVID-19 and feel that the pandemic has significantly influenced their university study and personal life.

‘All of our classes and exams have been moved online. The school’s…

📍65 S Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 2QU

This is my Youtube video

‘Reminiscing on afternoons spent with friends, under tropical green foliage hiding from the sun, the playful ‘click-clack’ of Mah Jong tiles colliding and intermingling with the hum of banter in the background and the sound of songbirds never far away, gossiping, sharing naughty secrets, drinking tea and eating moreish sweets and savouries.’

I was attracted by this passage on the official website, so I went to have a afternoon tea with my friends before the city were locked down. …

In China, The year 2020 is a year of rapid development for the live streaming industry. About 30,000 new live-streaming vendors are arriving every day, and the total number of orders for live-streaming products is growing by 20 per cent a week. It is expected that the market economy of live-streaming and carrying goods will reach 900 billion yuan in 2020.

Lipstick brother №1 Jiaqi Li’s live streaming video

In the fierce market competition, the advantages and disadvantages of live streaming are very prominent. Let’s start with the upside.

  1. The presence of a large number of live-streamer provides a…

Ginza Onodera🍣

📍15 Bury St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AL

My current favorite Omakase in London is Ginza Onodera. Last year, my favorite sushi chef, Araki SAN left London, and I started looking for other Japanese restaurants in London that cost performance. During the year, I tried almost every Japanese restaurant and found Ginza to be my favorite.

In Shanghai, the store is located at №18 on the Bund. In Ginza in Tokyo. And on Fifth Avenue in New York, which is basically an international benchmark of high-grade Japanese Food. Of course, the location of London is also heavily invested in Mayfair…

The most beautiful Aurora Hotel in Iceland:ION Adventure Hotel

Are you impressed by Iceland’s New year’s fireworks show with hot springs and aurora hotels?

Again ushered in the annual tourist season. December is the month of Christmas and the best month to see the aurora. For Iceland, summer and winter are totally different, but for me, I prefer Iceland in winter. Last December I went on a road trip to Iceland with my friends. After seven days’ journey, the hotel called ION Adventure Hotel impressed me the most. …

Little Red Book, an online shopping and social networking platform in the Chinese mainland was founded in June 2013. This website claims to have 200 million users by January 2019. In Little Red Book community, users and celebrities can share product reviews and tourist destination introductions, namely ‘grass notes’. Little Red Book also names and sponsors several programs on the Internet and TV, bringing users and content growth to Little Red Book Some media have compared Little Red Book with Facebook’s Instagram.

The term “grass notes” is used in Internet parlance specifically to describe the act of promoting the good…

Rudy Giuliani (Source: The Guardian )

Rudolph William Louis Giuliani, who is well-known as Rudy Giuliani, recently suffers from a great humiliation and a great reputation collapse due to a compromising scene in a new film directed by Borat. In Borat 2 Movie trailer, there is a humiliating and embarrassing scene showing that Rudy Giuliani is lying down and putting his hands into his trousers while seems touching his genital(Shoard, 2020). According to The Guardian, this scene is a prank against Rudy Giuliani even though, it did humiliate Rudy Giuliani and gave him a great blow on his credibility and reputation. To be more specific. In…

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